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for railway infrastructure
monitoring and diagnostics

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Our solutions help protect and optimize the infrastructure of some of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks, small networks, and light rail.

Trainborne solutions

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DMA offers a wide array of Trainborne solutions, all fully compliant with global norms and standards.

DMA-designed for reliable life cycle and industry-leading reliability with innovative technology specifically created for railway applications.

We “own” the technology.
We are not integrators, we build everything from the ground up.

Wayside solutions

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DMA’s Wayside Train Monitoring solutions deliver a comprehensive tool supported by our contactless measurement technologies and data analytic tools.

They integrate easily into your existing infrastructure and offer fast, seamless integration with other systems.

We design and develop technology in house with dedicated technical teams in all key competencies.

Software solutions

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DMA offers to its clients different powerful tools for condition monitoring and analysis.

These Software solutions are designed to offer an easy and immediate user experience.