DMA offers to its clients different powerful tools for condition monitoring and analysis.

These Software solutions are designed to offer an easy and immediate user experience.

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Manage thresholds, validate defects, and generate real-time turnout reports with just a few clicks.

  • Save time and easily access real-time data with DMA’s TracksNet Data Management & Reporting software.

  • TracksNet fully integrates with existing asset management systems, including IBM’s Maximo and SAP.


Contact™ is a software suite that implements the EN15302 standard recommendations.

The equivalent conicity is a fundamental parameter used to define the quality of wheel-rail contact, and therefore the dynamic running performance of the rolling stock.

  • Contact™ is interfaced with all DMA instruments for wheel and rail profile measurements or with third-party data sources.

  • The equivalent conicity can be calculated for each wheel-rail interface.

Tracksnet intro image
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