DMA’s Wayside Train Monitoring solutions deliver a comprehensive tool supported by our contactless measurement technologies and data analytic tools.

They integrate easily into your existing infrastructure and offer fast, seamless integration with other systems.

Wheel Profile Measurement System (Depot Version and Mainline Version)

DMA’s Wheel Profile Measurement System was designed to improve the safety of the rolling stock, your infrastructure, and your operators. The WPMS operates automatically when a train is arriving and collects data for each wheel of the train.  It computes the main geometrical parameters of the wheelset in real time and sends an alarm to the supervisor computer if any measured parameter is outside user-defined safety thresholds.

Pantograph Uplift Measurement System

DMA’s Pantograph Uplift Measurement System (UPL) measures wire uplift, train speed, and wind speed in both directions using an optical, non-contact system mounted on an existing or dedicated catenary pole. Measurements that exceed specified limits trigger an alarm message.  The UPL is installed aside the track at a safe distance from the catenary wires so maintenance can be performed safely and without track possession.

Brake Pad Measurement System

DMA’s Brake Pad Measurement System (BPMS) helps keep brake pads within safety and quality standards by accurately measuring brake pad wear using DMA-designed optical, non-contact technology.  The system sends an alarm message automatically when measurements fall outside tolerance thresholds.  The collected data supports efficient maintenance planning.