DMA Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)

DMA Track Geometry Measurement System measures many track geometrical parameters to find defects and enhance safety.


DMA’s Track Geometry Measurement System monitors the main track geometry parameters and is suitable for mainline rail, metros and tramways. Its compact dimensions allow for easy installation on most bogies as well as mounting on trains in regular revenue service. The system is highly reliable and long life because there are no moving parts or mechanical transducers. Our impressive record of successful installations guarantees extremely low life cycle costs and the enhancement of rail safety.

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We are proud to have the longest and most proven experience in global Track Management solutions. Always at the forefront of technology, our professional team is made up of engineers and mathematicians whose skills and experience allow us to offer our customers the most up-to-date solutions for rail safety. And because we develop everything in-house, our customers benefit from continuous improvements and the best integration.



  • Optical & Inertial, non-contact technology
  • Rail profile & wear computation
  • Compliant to European and International standards
  • No discontinuity over switches & crossings
  • Versions available for extreme cold/hot environments
  • High-speed lines measurement

Output parameters

  • Gauge
  • Cross-level
  • Alignment
  • Longitudinal level
  • Twist
  • Track curvature
  • Cant
  • Additional parameters (chord-versine method, vertical curvature, etc.)
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