Axle Box Accelerations Measurement System (ABA)

An accurate track defect detection is possible with ABA accelerometer sensors system.

The DMA accelerometer sensors may be utilized in various applications including detection of isolated short wavelength track defects, vibration and passenger comfort testing and widely on preventive track maintenance. The sensors are installed on specific locations of the vehicle depending on the required application.

Three types of configurations
are typically used:

  1. Accelerometers on axlebox (ABA)
  2. Accelerometers on bogie frame (BA)
  3. Accelerometers inside wagon (WA)

Given the wide range of applications for track defect detection, a careful selection of accelerometer sensors is required for different measuring ranges.

The accelerometers used in DMA applications are stable in environmental conditions with changing temperatures. They feature a temperature output for additional compensation, and they have excellent shock resistance in case of high impacts (metal-to-metal impacts).

DMA provides housing and cabling options that fit most applications. Bogie and Axle box accelerometers are housed in a robust enclosure (steel case) to prevent damage from possible flying stones.