DMA BraKe pad Measurement System (BKMS)

With DMA’s BKMS it can be contactless measured the brake pad thickness on railway vehicles.

The BKMS is designed to measure the brake pad thickness to detect the wear of the brake pads. The Brake Pad Measurement System is composed of video cameras, associated with a set of LED illuminators that create a uniform white light on the measurement surface.

The BPMS is supported by triggering sensors whose function is to activate the cameras so as to capture images of the brake pads at the right instant as the vehicle is passing over the measurement station, allowing the brake pad thickness measurement.


  • Automatic glass cleaning
  • Automatic protective sliding panel
  • Wake-up Trigger
  • LED illuminators
  • Camera: one camera for each brake pad


The Machine vision techniques are applied to high-quality images to isolate the features of interest (brake pads), through pattern-matching techniques.
Measured brake pad thickness is compared to the thickness of the new pad and to the minimum acceptable thickness, to give the wear and alarm respectively.