DMA Driver’s View Video Inspection System (DVV)

With DMA Driver’s View Video Inspection System we can gather digital images for analyze safety conditions.


The DMA Driver’s View Video System (DVV) also referred to as the panorama camera (panocam) is a video inspection system that collects digital images of the track for visual review and analysis of safety conditions, detected exceptions and inspection planning.

As an integrated component of the track geometry and video systems, the DVV driver cam allows the association of visual location information to the measurement data, providing the user immediate access to visual location information on sites of interest, such as a defect location. This reduces the need for on-site visits and helps in maintenance planning.


The illuminators are a supplementary module to the DVV imaging system that enables the latter to perform measurements whenever light conditions are not sufficient to satisfy the required image quality level. For nighttime inspections, the system is coupled with near-infrared technology, allowing 24/7 operations.