Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS)

DMA’s Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) enables accurate measurements of rail profile and wear.

DMA’s Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) monitors rail profile and rail wear. The technology is based on laser triangulation, specifically designed for railway infrastructure monitoring. The rail profile system is adopted for the maintenance of mainline tracks, metros, and tramways. Its compact dimensions allow for easy installation on most bogies as well as mounting on trains in regular revenue service. High reliability and a long life cycle are permitted because there are no moving parts or mechanical transducers.


We are proud to have the longest and most proven experience in global Track Management solutions. Always at the forefront of technology, our professional team is made up of engineers and mathematicians whose skills and experience in automatic measurements allow us to offer our customers the most up-to-date solutions. And because we develop everything in-house, our customers benefit from continuous improvements and the best integration.



  • Optical, non-contact technology
  • Fast and accurate measurements
  • Rail types: Vignole, Grooved, and others.
  • Designed for high-precision rail grinding applications (including rail metal-removal calculation)
  • Optional module for Equivalent Conicity according to EN15302
  • Multiple configuration options are available.