Turnout & Crossing Measurement System (TCMS)

Using DMA’s Turnout & Crossing Measurement System it’s easy to check turnouts and rail track geometry in stations and yards.

DMA’s Turnout & Crossing Measurement System (TCMS) is an automatic turnout inspection system, designed for installation on any kind of vehicle. TCMS allows inspection of turnouts without the need to walk the stations or yards tracks. Many infrastructure administrations adopted TCMS for their plan of inspection of turnouts and track geometry in stations and yards.

Turnout & Crossing Measurement System (TCMS)

We are proud to have the longest and most proven experience in global Track Management solutions. Always at the forefront of technology, our professional team is made up of engineers and mathematicians whose skills and experience in automatic measurements allow us to offer our customers the most up-to-date solutions. And because we develop everything in-house, our customers benefit from continuous improvements and the best integration.

TCMS Features

  • Optical and inertial, non-contact technology.
  • Complete rail profile measurement.
  • Fast and accurate measurements of crossing & turnout geometry parameters.
  • Includes automatic turnout localization and identification.
  • Includes track geometry measurement.

Main Turnout Geometry Parameters Detected:

  • Gauges
  • Stock Rail
  • Gaps
  • Frog/Crossing
  • Flange Way
  • Check Rail
  • Tongue
  • Cant/Superelevation
  • Twist
  • Alignments
  • Longitudinal Level

Ideal For Every Type of Turnout & Crossing:

  • Simple Turnout
  • Simple Slip Switch
  • Double Slip Switch
  • Diamond Crossing